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MemoAngel is a web service that helps you create a digital memory of the person you've lost. It enables you to recall and celebrate one's life through a profile (memo), using photos, quotes, e-mails, and texts. You can choose to keep those precious memories for yourself or you can share them with family, friends, or the public. MemoAngel is a digital scrapbook-like service that helps you cope with your loss and gives you the opportunity to honor the life of your family member, a friend, or someone you appreciate. MemoAngel is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to create a long-lasting online memory of your beloved ones. The idea of MemoAngel comes from a personal experience. A strong desire to create a permanent digital memory for a friend resulted in the creation of a service that helps people around the world to recollect and remember those best times they once shared with the person who has passed away. We find this to be a noble mission with the goal of helping and comforting people in this global village of ours. MemoAngel is constantly developing so that we can offer the best service possible.
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