informal and classic economies smart contracts enabled social networks 1. We are concentrate on private data safety and personal information security 2. Our blockchain-like distributed ledger is basicaly do not powered by cryptocurrency - you can issue it, but it is optional. 3. We are use postquantum cryptography, like multilayered SIDH assymetryc keypairs, individual and multiple accessible encryption and signing, etc. 4. Our decentralised network is net of secured social spaces, where each social space have own economy model (even anarchy, socialistic plan-based, barter, gift, conservative, liberal, and many other types, include any crazy economies mixes) 5. We are very fun :) Because we are make a platform for various applications, like games, colaboration, business, creativity, IoT, geospatial and so on :) 6. We will provide simple API for developers. It will opensource. 7. You can not avoid us. We are targeted on global expansion.
Member count: 1-10