Kurdish Music Service Melodyku (MK) is a Kurdish Music Stream Service that could give an ability to users to find the music they want with paying for a period subscription. Why it is Important: Kurdish music has a high position in Kurdish civilization. but the problem is that the market of k-music has a traditional schema, so people could not find music according to their taste in an easy way, and on another side of the coin, not all artists could earn money from their works because they do not have a chance to be introduced into people. so Melodyku could solve this problem by connecting people to artists. customers of MK are peoples who want to listen to k-music, they are about 40 million from all around the world. and artists who want to sell their work. so 70% of each subscription profit will be given to artists who being listened by subscribers. Is it different from Spotify and others? yes it's different because Melodyku has a quite big Kurdish music archive than Spotify and others.
Member count: 1-10