A browser based assistant for getting anything done online Context Scout aims to revolutionise the way every person uses the web. We're building the next generation in web assistance technology - a content-aware browser that doesn?t just show you webpages, but one that reads and comprehends the content, understands what you are trying to do online (making sense of tasks across multiple tabs), and helps you get it done. The world's first web browser chatbot - Your digital assistant for getting anything done online ** Under Development ** Soon we will be able to assist you with: * Online Shopping Scout will find alternative prices, discounts, reviews and summarise your shopping in time for your purchase decision. * Event Planning Scout will check your calendar to see if you're available and plan out your route to the event. * And everything else Need to know how many calories are in the recipe you're looking at? Need the perfect gif for your tweet? Want to find out what people are saying on social m
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