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Pathological image diagnose AI software We are now developing the AI software which will be able to make pathological image diagnosis in very short time with high accuracy. Currently, lacking of pathologists is a very serious problem in the world, and few doctors are there in city hospital-class. Because of this, not enough numbers of pathologists are diagnosing all the patients, and they have to wait for 1~3 weeks. This waiting time is very wasteful and going to be a critical problem for anyone who needs urgent surgery. However, our product named "omega" can solve this. All what doctors need to do is...import image to software, then AI will give them results in a few minutes, including the numbers of blood-cells and so on. "omega" is learning more than 2 million images, and that's why we can provide very accurate result. As for the business model, we give two options.---take doses of dollars for each single use, or---let the cutomers use our product for free while requiring them to provide their clinical data.

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