Care on-demand platform for hospitals and health systems (ACQUIRED) Medicast is a technology platform that helps hospitals and health systems deliver better care outside the four walls of the facility. Founded on the belief that health starts at home, we empower health organizations to deliver better, more personalized care, within the comfort of a patient's own home. Medicast was acquired in 2016 by Providence St. Joseph Health of Renton, Washington. Our platform enables on demand and scheduled eVisits (via secure text), audio telemedicine, virtual visits (2-way video), and in-person house calls. Medicast is the world's only mobile-first logistics and management platform for on-demand care delivery. Our sophisticated, easy-to-use technology has been designed in collaboration with patients and physicians, and has been proven to improve provider efficiency and utilization, and patient and provider satisfaction.
Location: United States, Alpharetta
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 3068875
Total raised: $1.9M

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