Deliver an experience, not just a video At MediaZilla we are building the future of online video delivery. We allow users to easily create an immersive Hollywood movie experience to showcase their projects on any device. Our primary focus is currently on video professionals, enthusiasts and the end-users that pay them to create amazing projects. We are endorsed by top industry leaders and a rapidly growing user base. Over the last 2 years we have successfully bootstrapped a POC of a solution to a specific industry need. Because of our success, MediaZilla is migrating the infrastructure to a fully fledged, contemporary code base. We are hiring top tier engineers as we seek to continue revolutionizing our industry as well as tackling new demographics therein. Our success to date has been due to our lock on a niche market. Our success to come will be because of our ability to scale quickly around a broadening target of users and their needs. This role is tantamount to that purpose.
Member count: 1-10