Mbrass - Scrap Selling Made Easy

Scrap Selling Made Easy Mbrass - Scrap Selling Made Easy is the first of kind technology platform in India working on the vision of Zero Waste to Landfill. In order to achieve the vision of Zero Waste to Landfill we have an integrated platform bringing the household, bulk generators, recyclers, waste pickers, NGO's working together by providing various facilities such as door-to-door waste collection, efficient supply chain of waste to recyclers, maximum value generation from the waste supply chain by using mechanized and at source segregation, community education on waste segregation and judicious handling. The idea of a national platform bringing the different stakeholders in the current waste supply chain by using technology to improve transparency and efficiency makes us stand apart. The initial target is to capture the market of recyclables from household by providing door-to-door pickup using the mobile platform and creating a robust and transparent supply chain for the transfer of recyclable waste to the respective recyclers thus reducing the logistics and warehousing cost significantly.
Member count: 1-10