Anonymous accountability to bring trust to the web Mavin is an independent and not-for-profit foundation. Our mission is to reward honest, authentic, fact-based and high-quality content. As well as to discredit and expose fake news, bad bots and trolls intended to wrongly inform its audience for whatever purpose. We bring accountability to the web but allow internet users to remain anonymous to warrant true freedom of speech. It is our objective to expose and/or ban fake news, bad bots and trolls, not by left- or right-wing polarisation but by the inclusive and objective Mavin Movement. The Mavin Movement is about authors, academics, journalists, editors, bloggers as well as expert critics, reviewers and commenters coming together to bring accountability to the web. Combined with AI, Mavin will allow users to filter the good from the bad, the real from the fake. This will bring accountability and responsibility to the web, through collective reputation building. Accessible to all, tokenised and rewarding. On the Mavin platform, authors of content, as well as reviewers, are held accountable while still warranting privacy through a safe environment in which personal data will not be exposed. This anonymous accountability will protect and improve the right to freedom of speech. Users? reputation will be immutable, traceable and verifiable. The reputation defines the weight of ratings and value of any article or content creator. An expert review will have more weight than a non-expert rating. It will become more improbable to artificially influence (political) discourse as bots and trolls cannot participate in the movement. Mavin will incorporate purpose-driven tokenisation. Any stakeholder of the Mavin Movement can earn, spend and exchange MVN tokens, which is directly influenced by one?s reputation. Mavin will be a non-profit organisation facilitating an autonomous public, permissioned blockchain infrastructure.
Member count: 1-10