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On the internet, misinformation, bots and trolls are dominating the online (political) discourse and it has become a questionable new world standard. The examples of the 2016 presidential campaign in the US and the Brexit campaign no longer require any explanation as to its impact. Moreover, in 2019 there were large scale, intentional disinformation campaigns in 48 countries. Financial misinformation resulted in $17 billion in material damages. Readers and organisations have an increasing need to know what content to trust, especially when it comes to Covid-19. As the spread of misinformation around the Coronavirus has shown, the insecurity and anxiety with citizens all around the globe is affected by this growing flood of misinformation spreading online like the virus itself. Misinformation is always dangerous, but during the Corona-crisis it can even have deadly consequences. This is why we are developing Mavin; to contribute to a better-informed society and expose and label fake news around corona as well as any other misinformation campaign and stop bad bots and online trolls from influencing the online discourse. We are introducing a crowdsourced AI infused, decentralised, reputation based content rating tool. Or, in simpler words, an IMDb score for online content that allows users to instantly recognise if an article is trustworthy through the indication of the Mavin Trust Score. Mavin will be a platform where you are in control of your own data and you can read and rate the quality and factual correctness of whatever is being published online.
Location: Netherlands, South Holland, The Hague
Employees: 1-10
Founded date: 2020