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Mavatar Technologies
One Smart, Social & Universal Shopping Cart for Consumers Mavatar?s free desktop & mobile apps provides consumers with a Smart & Universal Shopping Cart that aggregates, reserves & validates user's unrestricted & restricted promotion codes automatically (item level/ cart level) to their online purchase. The cart allows users to: 1- Compare their personalized prices & styles in 1 screen, save options to access from multiple devices & browsers 2- Receive threshold discounts & price drop notifications 3- Deposit online & offline promocodes & share them within selected people in their social network or entire Mavatar community. 4- Save items from different stores in one depository [collection(s)] to create social carts that are ready to checkout by the recipient(s) considering all available valid promocodes Like Kayak Mavatar helps consumers to make their shopping decisions exercising all their options, then creates a ready to go cart for them at the stores' site. Users fulfill, return & aggregate loyalty points with their favorite retailer.
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