Platform facilitating the ordering of lunch in the workplace from local restaurants Everyone wants to get a solid proper lunch. The problem is, most people grow tired of the canteen selection after a while. You can replace the cook or change the catering service, but you?ll never really be able to properly address the modern consumers? dietary wishes and needs. When enjoying our service you select from three or four dishes from different restaurants and all have been pre-selected to fit your taste, by our recommender algorithm. We want to decrease the total time spent on lunch and increase quality time for engaging and lively communications, people sit down and enjoy lunch together, growing the company culture and team spirit. In 2018, our first year in operation, we reached 116 million ISK (?1M ?) in revenue with our bootstrapped proof-of-concept service in Reykjav?k. Around 600 customers are ordering actively each week, workplaces are 30, restaurants are 40, and we drive over 2.000 dishes per week. These numbers are growing every week.
Member count: 11-50