Matchfire is a data company and marketing agency all in one that was founded in 2014 by Chris Noble. The company’s goal is to create campaigns, activities, products, and investment opportunities that maximize a company’s visibility and profitability. The company specializes in marketing strategy, cause marketing, multichannel campaign development and management, and marketing automation. Matchfire utilizes data to help companies better meet customer needs, expand their business, and build trust between brands and consumers. Matchfire has offices around the country with locations in Manhattan, Washington DC, Dallas, and San Luis Obispo. Matchfire’s talented marketers, data analysts, software engineers, and business experts combine innovative technology with strategic digital marketing to bring companies to market in exciting, creative, and effective ways. Their services provide brand marketing, digital design and development, social media management, product launching, data collection and insight analysis, fundraising, auction management, and more.
Founder name: Chris Noble (CEO)

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