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THE PROBLEM? Everyday, millions of hours are wasted as people wait for their deliveries to arrive. Many take time off work, or postpone appointments to ensure they are available to receive & often sign for their packages. However, some deliveries never arrive, others are simply left with neighbours or outside doors or corridors, or worse, notes are left informing the customer that they tried to deliver but that customer was out, which is sometimes not true. These situations often lead to frustration & anxiety as customers endure another wasted day. THE SOLUTION? MastaMap – An app that enables delivery drivers to send customers, updates re. delivery ETAs, traffic delays, no doorbell response, parking issues etc. Customers can also send drivers, notifications re. delivery instructions (leave parcel at Flat 7 etc), rescheduling delivery, cancellations, VALUE ADDED: Reduction in repeat deliveries, time wasted knocking on neighbours' doors & parking fines. Features include: Accurate Delivery Locations; Route Optimisation; Customer ETA updates; KPI based picture of the entire last mile. MastaMap therefore reduces the regular friction/hurdles experienced when delivering to the last mile i.e. to customers.
Location: United Kingdom, England, London
Phone: +44 7939 026749

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