Hair Body Beauty On-Demand app The traditional way to get an immediate appointment for a hair body beauty service was to walk in, call or Google local area. Only to be told ring back later, tomorrow or next week. Enter MASSAJEE, an on-demand hair body beauty app that allows instant access to hair body beauty professionals at home or the salon. The Uber of the hair body beauty industry. MASSAJEE allows clients to search based on the service required, distance from their location, price, rating but most of all, professionals that are available that instant at the location they require. MASSAJEE professional providers also benefit by obtaining new clients, promotion of their business to locals and visitors to the area but most of all, a way to fill no show appointments! Resulting in additional revenue. The global hair & beauty industry is a $400,000,000,000 market and MASSAJEE is positioned to be the largest hair body beauty provider without owning a store. MASSAJEE already has access to over 7,000 professionals
Member count: 1-10