Best Italian Food online Marzapane ? the best italian experience in your kitchen! In a beautiful box Marzapane delivers the authentic italian culinary experience to kitchens throughout germany. In collaboration with italian chefs the Marzapane-Team developed a broad range of recipes. In the course of 48h the box with the recipe of choice and all fresh ingredients is being delivered to the customers? home. That?s when the Marzapane-experience starts: cook delicious and authentic italian dinners with or for your family and friends. Our customers can choose their Marzapane-Box according to their preferences: vegetarian, vegan or lactose-free : Marzapane offers the right delicious meal for every taste. We, the german-italian Marzapane-Team, choose all products of our line of goods very carefully. Our daily motivation is to improve and promote Marzapane to the highest possible extent, to bring the authentic italian joy of cooking into every kitchen in Germany.
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