Bespoke ML bidding algorithms for sophisticated media buying teams Martin is a marketing technology startup. Using Machine Learning, we develop Real Time Bidding algorithms for sophisticated Media buying teams. What is Real Time Bidding? RTB is the automated buying of digital ad space in real time. When a visitor lands on a web page, the browser sends a request to an ad server, which then places that ad request on an exchange. Advertisers analyze the impression and decide how much to bid on it. The exchange awards the ad spot to the highest bidder. All this occurs in the time it takes the web page to load and is a $42B industry. Traditional RTB software takes into account a limited number of factors when deciding how much to bid on an incoming impression - location, time of day, audience data and the site. We incorporate first party data, along with unique micro and macro environmental factors into the bidding logic. We then train our Machine Learning algorithms to optimize bidding toward the unique business objectives of each advertiser.
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