Martian Network
Decentralized File-Sharing Platform In Our MVP we are focussing on Decentralized streaming. To give you insight on to that Netflix spends like 7 biilion on CDNs and POPs( Points of Presence) to facilitate good network and speed of movies. This brings big oppurtunities of gaining much more revenue out of our product and saving allot of cost. We also facilitate encription to the content that will make sure that the content wont be spread unto a unkown network ,but stays on the platform so it wont be pirated and that gives the content creator the chance to gain his full revenue .The content creator doesnt need to pay a huge percentage cut of 50 to 80% to its distributors, but only a decent 25 % to the platform Last thing that i wanted to say is that people in rural areas people can finally get the chance to watching a film, cause the bandwith cost will go down drastically as people can participate in the network to host a movie and share bandwith and get rewarded for that in our MAR token.
Member count: 1-10