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Marketly delivers anti-piracy services that help content creators beat piracy in the age of digital distribution. Marketly offers a full suite of enterprise
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10.05.2024Nintendo's DMCA Crackdown: A Royal Battle for Intellectual Property Rights in the Video Game IndustryIn the ever-evolving landscape of the video game industry, Nintendo stands as a titan, revered for its contributions to gaming culture and innovation. However, beneath its regal facade lies a contentious issue that has sparked debate and cr...
10.05.2024Nintendo's DMCA Crackdown: A Royal Flush or a Risky Move?Nintendo, the reigning monarch of the video game realm, has been wielding its DMCA sword with ruthless precision. But is this a strategic move to protect its kingdom, or a risky gamble that could alienate its loyal subjects? Let's delve int...
08.05.2024Nintendo’s DMCA Operation Continues With Lockpick, Kezplez-nx TakedownsMore recent generations of video gamers will undoubtedly have their own ideas about which company in business today has made the greatest contribution to the art of videogames. Those who nominate Sony, for marketing the original PlayStation...
29.05.2012Microsoft outsources copyright enforcement to small Redmond companyPugnoM reader comments 55 with 26 posters participating Share this story Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Reddit If there’s one thing that jumps out from the new Google copyright removal request tool released last week, it’s that...

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