Manufacturers' Inventory
Marketplace tools and intelligence to evaluate and monetize surplus parts and equipment Manufacturers? Inventory (MI) is turning dead inventory into dollars. We help manufacturers analyze their excess, idle, and dead inventory to find the best solution to move their product. Every year, production plants, electrical distributors, machine makers, and storeroom manager throw away millions of dollars of unused product taking up space on their shelves. MI conducts an initial analysis of the parts they wish to move off their shelves and connects them to our network of buyers to get them the highest possible return. Manufacturers' Inventory has an online marketplace that is equipped with quicklist technology, allowing Sellers to list thousands of parts per hour using just an excel list of part numbers and quantity, this tool will automatically populate other pertinent information needed to sell online. This takes the manual work out of selling online. Liquidation and getting pennies on the dollar isn't status quo for long.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $200K