MMORGP based on AI, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Open World System Yggdrasil (MMORPG) game lets join inside new universe. We are making new world what will be like real world and in this help to us and customers AI. All world (NPC, Mobs, Weather, Economy, and all inside game) will be alive, our product will be interact with players on real base, every move, action and etc will be help to learn our AI and make right actions for players. Ecosystem what will be based on cryptocurrency and blockchain will help earn money and give work place for customers with real money inside game reality. Now in 2020 year, game what can take on SSD/HDD 50-60+ Gb is nothing and that's why we can make MMO based on blockchain. All critical data will be in blockchain network and players items, money and etc will be in safe place. And this is only start of our product. Also, our team has been developing for several years the latest cluster system for the game, which will allow us to divide resources 50 to 50 of the company and the end user. That is, due to a high-quality and powerful game, we will be able to cover much more users than if we could handle all the computing needs of the game. Unfortunately, at the moment we stopped in this business, since further development requires financial investments, which we are looking for as investments. Our task is to revive the MMORPG genre and, of course, to create a full-fledged universe that will be of interest to players for more than one year and we hope that even more than a dozen years, as the game World of Warcraft did.
Member count: 1-10