Mankind Legacy Inc.

Mankind Legacy Inc.
We are a team that has set ourselves the goal of developing and creating the future heritage of humanity as a single entity. We are focused on maximizing development impact. Our first project is Argus. Argus is an autonomous emergency control system of any spectrum, based on drones. Argus is not intended to interfere with privacy or permanently record actions. Our project is focused on the "Real Time" system. The Argus network will be tied primarily to all special services (Police, doctors, Ministry of Emergency Situations), which will primarily monitor the situation throughout the patrolling location. Every year in every country in the world, dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of incidents occur, and in most cases, everything is aimed at eliminating the consequences, but our Argus system is designed to prevent these consequences in the first place and maximize the speed of response to eliminating the consequences if any to be. Tens of thousands of people die in all countries of the world every year, just because trouble catches them only in places where people are rarely found, or because of the indifference of passers-by. Our system will not allow itself this and will respond instantly by pinging the necessary service in different situations, as well as being nearby if necessary to control the situation. This is only a small part of our first project, we will introduce you to it in more detail during the development process.
Location: Ukraine, Mykolaiv Oblast, Pervomaisk
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2020