mangowerk UG
Advertisement-funded lottery app We all love free stuff and the chance of winning real cash. Using one of the available options in the market, however, entails serious disadvantages: (1) Lotteries are expensive and the winning probability is ridiculously low (2) Reward programmes are free, but it takes a long time and a lot of effort to really get something out of them (3) Raffles are dodgy because they serve the primary purpose of collecting and misusing personal data from the participants As a revolutionary alternative, we have developed lottoji ? Germany?s 1st emoji lottery. How it works? Every day, users pick 4 out of 20 emoji and instead of paying an entry fee, they interact with an ad format (survey, mini game, video etc.) ? so it?s 100% free to play and therefore not considered gambling. There?s at least one daily cash prize winner (mid-term goal: 10.000?) ? and all participants who had a near miss win customised coupons, vouchers and non-cash prizes.