Shopper Engagement & Insights Platform for the $206B Natural Products Industry Makeena is a streamlined, location-aware mobile and web customer engagement platform for healthy and sustainable brands, automating tracking and redemption for the shopper across multiple platforms, brands, and retailers at the cash register (on-line or in-store) for a single shopper account. By pushing location and context aware incentives to shoppers, then tracking and rewarding their engagement, brands build new customers, and increase loyalty and repeat purchases. On the backend, brands upload their own information and decide where, when, and how much to offer. makeena then collects the shopper data and provides the brands with a way to analyze and manage that data, delivering to the brands deeper shopper insights, where their products are located (in what stores and where on the shelf), and what encourages their shoppers to stay loyal to them.
Location: United States, Boulder
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 888-881-7486
Total raised: $76K
Founder name: Karen Frame, CEO & Co-Founder

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