We build software to help businesses scale micro influencer campaigns Scaling micro-influencer campaigns can be extremely tedious. At first, we're building a platform to help businesses and marketing agencies manage micro-influencer campaigns. We're solving 3 problems with our MVP: 1.) Negotiating deals with influencers is a hassle. We're crafting a way to move creators and companies through the negotiation slog. 2.) Custom landing pages can increase how many fans convert into customers by 5-10x (learned from cust dev). We can auto-generate landing pages for every creator a company works with so that the marketers don't have to cut corners. 3.) Marketers can spend hours scrolling instagram and looking at likes to find the perfect influencer. We allow marketers to take a deep dive into the influencer's audience demographics without having the influencer sign in. We're taking the tried and true method that behemoths like square space use on for their influencer campaigns and making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.
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