Made for me
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B2B 3D Print Services Marketplace Made for Me's online marketplace connects businesses that need industrial 3D print services with suppliers that offer professional-level 3D printing. Our marketplace is a one-stop place for sourcing high quality suppliers by comparing materials, finishing options, prices and delivery time in real-time. Users upload their 3D file, input the material and surface finish they need, and are instantly matched with appropriate 3D print suppliers, with live pricing and instant checkout. This solves the most painful part of the 3D printing process: figuring out which technologies, machines, and suppliers are appropriate for their project. For suppliers, this solves the most painful part of growing their businesses: finding new 3D print service customers for their existing equipment, with minimal effort. The B2B segment of the 3D print services market is the largest current segment (bigger than consumer segment). 3D printing direct part production is already a $1.8 billion market globally.
Location: India
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