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Decoding China's Economic Arrival
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23.03.2024Китай обогнал США по числу ведущих ученых в области ИИ — исследование MacroPoloСогласно исследованию MacroPolo, именно Китай — крупнейший мировой «поставщик» талантливых специалистов в области искусственного интеллекта, поскольку в стране работает 50% ведущих исследователей искусственного интеллекта на планете. Для ср...
25.02.2024China's EV takeoverThis story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now. Have an account? Log in. Redeem now When Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked in 2011 about the Chinese electric-car maker BYD — a Warre...
16.08.2023China's dilemma in trying to manage debt crisisBeijing is caught between rolling out more stimulus to prop up the Chinese economy, or pulling back government incentives that fueled the real estate bubble — and risking a deeper economic slowdown that could create social unrest, experts s...
21.07.2023Изобретение неодимового магнита: как Масато Сагава и Джон Кроат изменили современный мирНеодимовые магниты сейчас с отрывом самый распространённый тип постоянных магнитов, занимая порядка 95% всего мирового рынка. Правда, они не просто неодимовые — это сплав редкоземельного металла неодима, бора и железа (полная формула Nd2Fe1...
06.12.2022Female-led deeptech startup Pathway announces its $4.5m pre-seed roundFrench AI startup Pathway, led by a Polish-French female duo, has announced it’s raised a $4.5m pre-seed round to develop its product — a tool that provides companieswith real-time analysis of fast-moving data from multiple sources. The rou...
15.09.2022The Reshuffling Report No. 19: The growing representation of university administrators on the Central CommitteeFor students of Pekingology, the transfer of a protégé of a top leader –– or the appointment of the head of a prominent institution –– on the eve of the National Party Congress could be intriguingly indicative of the overall leadership line...
23.03.2022After the China InitiativeLast month, the Justice Department ended its China Initiative. The trial that began March 21 of Franklin (Feng) Tao, an academic prosecuted under the Initiative, is the first public test of what scrapping the name means. Created to support ...
19.05.2021Huarong was born from one global crisis. Will it survive the next?
22.02.2021Beyond the China InitiativeIn late 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice launched the China Initiative. The initiative’s stated goals include identifying and expanding law enforcement’s capacity to investigate and prosecute cases involving the theft of trade secrets a...
21.01.2021China: The Quantum Competition We Can’t IgnoreSecurity CEO and Founder of Safe Quantum Inc., working with data-driven companies to define, develop and deploy quantum-safe technologies.
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