Becoming Machinic
Bespoke hosted enterprise forms and workflow We are a technology company that provides drop-in functional replacements of core business processes to clients whose sunk investments in IT infrastructure are at end-of-life. Machinic is the platform software that handles all the processes (machines). Clients (web, thick) connect to the Machinic servers via our API. Current products include HR offer letter workflows and capital expenditure approval machines, and we're about to launch a personnel action form machine. Our library of well-defined products allows clients to easily onboard to meet one need, and then encourages them to adopt our other machines to support additional, more complex automation and workflow needs across their organization. We have an optional client that runs on IBM midrange servers (AS/400 aka iSeries) that allows bidirectional interactions with our cloud services. The site is currently only accessible to clients; our sales and marketing site,, will launch shortly.
Member count: 1-10