Lyncean Technologies
Compact EUV LIthography Source Lyncean Technologies is a spinoff of Stanford?s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, funded by $29M Grants to initially develop the technology. Lyncean is now developing a second product that is a high power EUV lithography light source that addresses a multibillion dollar market opportunity and has received promissing validation from technologists and key strategics alike. The EUV Source will be integrated with an EUV Scanner and will be sold to the leading Chipmakers, unlocking $BBs of value for Chipmakers, strategic partners, and device industry. Next step is to complete prototype build. Lyncean's initial product, Lyncean Compact Light Source a paradigm shift in X-ray technology, by shrinking the size/cost of a Synchrotron ($B stadium-sized particle accelerators) by 200x, to bring unprecedented X-ray capabilities to industry, clinics, and labs.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $33.7M