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LUPO game is social creative fun & a game frame for the classroom LUPO: The Space Adventure is a collaborative and creative storytelling card game that turns any classroom into a ridiculous sci-fi adventure. A single deck engages up to 25 players, i.e. an entire party or classroom, in 45+ minutes of fun, which is great for team building, developing empathy and creative problem solving skills. Costs just ?20/$25, available worldwide via our own web store as well as Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Soft-launched in August 2017 at Worldcon75 to science fiction fans, educator launch in September 2017 at Dare to Learn event. Customers are consumers (teachers, parents, boardgamers) and educational institutions on B2B side. Initally targeting English speaking markets in North America, UK, and India, but eventually market is global. We also offer teacher trainings and have an ambassador program for scaling the training offering. Future plans include add-on packs to current game frame, new games, as well as a community platform for co-creation with community.

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