My Fabulous Storyteller, the new-generation storyteller for children from 3 to 8 years old Lunii is a human and entrepreneurial adventure, the story of four friends who decided to start their own business to transform people's daily lives. Lunii was born from the desire of Ma?lle, ?ric, Igor and Thomas, to reconcile the collective and individual imagination, the two ?i's? of the name Lunii. Together, the four friends created in 2016 "My fabulous Storyteller", a fun companion without screen or program for children to create their own stories. With this little magic box, children can choose a hero, an object, a place and more ... then a fun and engaging adventure begins! Children have endless possibilities to develop their imagination, their vocabulary, learn languages, discover art or travel around the world ... With the Lunii edition as a power station, hundreds of organized stories are offered to them via our Lunii shop. My fabulous storyteller offers a truly fun, immersive and rewarding experience! Lunii is a fast and practic
Member count: 11-50