We offer all your residential and commercial lighting needs. Have you ever wished to set the mood with awesome lighting for your backyard party? Or wished you could rep your favorite team even more enthusiastically on the front of your house? What about earning extra brownie points when you have dancing twinkle lights in your 4 year olds favorite colors for their birthday? We can offer you all of this and more with our new, Permanent Lighting System. A state of the art enclosed, built in lighting feature that is seamlessly integrated into your eves, almost invisible until you need to light up the night! With over 16 million different customizable colors to choose from, hundreds of patterns and programs; and the best part, you can control it all from an app on your phone or tablet. Why have the headache of trying to find the old Christmas lights, unravel them, string them up standing on that rickety ladder, and worst of all, all those swears you have say when some of the bulbs burn out. We'll do it all for you, and we'll do it better than you ever dreamed it could be! Landscape lighting is an art, period. Let us turn your yard into a masterpiece. Call us today so we can come and give you a free quote for Permanent Lighting System, Christmas, or landscape lighting!
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