MISSION Our Mission is to disrupt linguistic barriers allowing anyone to write correctly in English, saving money, time and mistakes. WHAT IS LUDWIG? Ludwig is the killer solution to improve English writing. It helps you to move your ideas from inspiration to completion by giving you an infrastructure to support your writing. Ludwig is neither a translator nor a proofreader, but a linguistic search engine that exploits the most powerful learning tool of human beings: the capacity to imitate. Differently from traditional search engines, which are specialized in retrieving generic information, our hybrid information retrieval algorithm conjugates adaptive statistic search and semantic techniques. Easy and intuitive to use, Ludwig stimulates learning, improves English writing skills and increases users’ self-confidence. Our name cames from Ludwig Wittgenstein, who inspired us with one quote from the Tractatus: “the limits of my language means the limits of my world”. HOW DOES IT WORK? Whenever you are in doubt on how to write a sentence in English or don’t know how to express yourself, it is enough to search Ludwig for the problematic chunk of sentence that you want to check. As a result, you will get a set of correct sentences for inspiration, check or comparison. Once you have such results to compare with, it is an easy game: 1) to figure out yourself if your problematic chunk of sentence is correct, 2) to understand how that expression should be correctly used in context, 3) to deduce how to reshape your sentence more correctly and to get inspiration. WHO IS IT FOR? Ludwig is thought for anyone who struggles with English writing, regardless of their English skills. Students, professors, startuppers, top managers, and many others share the need to constantly produce English contents for their careers and more in general for their life. Ludwig fits their needs with personalized solutions.
Location: Italy, Sicily, Catania
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2014

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