Automated Bitcoin blockchain based raffle website Our project on this website, which was started with the aim to help people win big crypto prizes through a raffle/lottery which is based on bitcoin blockchain calculations. There is a higher winning chance with this(1 winner out of 25 Tickets selected per round). This ensures that everyone is happy and makes our site transparent, secure and reliable to each and every individual. Our aim is to ensure that everybody wins the prize. However, due to less traffic on our website. we are unable to find customers and to improve our project and enhance our business we need investment to our website. We are looking at you for investments for this project. Based on your investments, we can guarantee you appropriate stake in our company & profits based on your investment. Once we reach a position where we have very high traffic on our website and after we reach a stage where we have good reputation in the market. We are planning to roll out and distribute ICO tokens on the blockchain to our customers so that we can improvise and add extra projects & services by those investments and also ensuring that our customers get profited by their investment. At the time of ICO tokens offering, a percentage of tokens will be reserved to our initial investors based on their investment at the beginning. After this ICO, we have planned to add more projects on this site. Which will be used to generate more revenue and the profits will be distributed among all the investors based on their investments. Our aim is to ensure that with our services customers get benefited and are happy with us. Looking forward to working with you. For more information, you can email me at
Member count: 1-10