Lucid Circuit, Inc.

Lucid Circuit, Inc.
Everyday, Earth is impacted by charged particles from space. Events such as solar flares, originating from our Sun, send massive amounts of charged particles towards Earth. In great quantities, these charged particles pose a risk to everyday electronics, ranging from personal cellular devices to critical infrastructure, potentially leading to the failure of electronic devices. With our technology, quickly analyze and predict vulnerabilities of new microelectronic designs prior to device fabrication to allow development of efficient mitigation strategies. Use our intuitive and user-friendly web interface for design analysis at all stages of development; no specialized background needed. Built for high-reliability semiconductor device ecosystems including aerospace, telecommunication, automotive, banking, and medical industries. Improve your success rates of radiation-tolerant designs, reduce production timelines, and rapidly develop new designs.
Location: United States, California, Santa Monica
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2016

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