Connecting Markets through Digital Media & IT Innovation LoudMind is a seed stage startup transforming & morphing industries by setting the precedent for what can be accomplished through creativity, transparency, collaboration, unique strategies & IT innovation, currently in the process of developing 3 flagship apps geared towards the entertainment industry 1. a platform connecting artists to local paid gigs and opportunities for mainstream gigs i.e cochella 2. A file sharing and management system for media production teams to share files with clients, each other & restrict files for payment 3. A 24/7 live streaming app geared to eliminate cable by allowing everyone to run their own "network" with different stations without the need of a strong internet connection or dedicated servers. We are growing our ?base? by developing a tight knit community through original content such as music, animation, film, other creative mediums, events, and open sourced software, developing workflow solutions and social platforms centralizing the underground
Member count: 11-50