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Internet marketplace where everybody can buy and sell unique authentic goods. Internet marketplace focused on selling unique affordable goods from the countries of the former USSR to a solvent European buyer through: • proprietory platform www.lotsof.com, charging sellers 10% selling fee on each item sold; • other internet marketplaces www.ebay.com, www.amazon.com, www.etsy.com, www.dawanda.com, etc.) through own online distributors; • through the own off-line chain of retail stores. Lotsof.com today: 1. Online marketplace operating since 01.02.15, team of 65 members. 2. The owner of the largest websites in Russia and Ukraine (except www.livemaster.ru, www.skrynya.ua) selling handmade goods: www.in-dee.ru, www.mega-grad.ru, www.uniqhand.ru, www.mash.ua, www.madeheart.com: • with the web site traffic of 450 000 unique visitors a month; • with sellers base of 53 000; • with the catalogue of 500 000 items. 3. The owner of the online distributor www.madeheart.com selling 10 000 items a month with the catalogue of 120 000 unique items offered through 25 global internet marketplaces. The company has offices in Nevada, London, Shanghai, Moscow and Kiev. Madeheart.com is already profitable business. 4. The owner of www.creout.com – wooden products factory with 2 retail stores in Kiev and Lvov.
Founded date: 2016

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