Housing Projects for Homeless Veterans The passion is to help veterans, who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless, or otherwise in need. The following shows why we?re offering a preference to veterans. The line, just to be on the HUD voucher list, is long, and can be two years or longer! Hud-Vash does allow for vets to be expedited. This is a quote from just one location: There are approximately 68,000 families on the waiting list at this time? Funding will not allow all of the families on the waiting list to be assisted. The Housing Authority currently has funding to assist approximately 8,500 families. Once all funding has been expended, families can only be added when a family that is being assisted leaves the program. Then, to actually get a voucher can take another couple of years, minimum! 25% of the homeless are veterans, despite being 11 percent of the civilian adult population. About 44,000 to 64,000 veterans are classified as ?chronically homeless? ? homeless for long periods or repeatedly.