The Missing Ad Model for Live Streaming The Missing Ad Model for Live Streaming At loots we created "Sponsored Tips" - the MVP of an ad platform that is built on top of real dollar tips and donations - the most popular source of income in the live streaming community. "Sponsored Tips" feel like real dollar donations - senders still appear live on stream with their name and message popping up, but now the donation is free. Viewers no longer spend their own money to send a tip - brands and advertisers pay for it, in exchange the message that appears live on stream is branded - also a target link and promotional text is posted into chat. Before we started implementing the ad platform we created a huge suite of real-time stats and analytics for live streamers on Twitch. The underlying data helped us to evaluate the idea of an ad model for live streaming - today the engine behind it runs our ad rotations and provide real-time performance reportings.
Location: Germany, Berlin
Member count: 1-10
Founder name: Marc Fuehnen

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