Empowering Pharma Retailers with Technology & Brands Founded by IIT, IIM Alumni, we are an Early-stage Healthtech Startup building tech for the $22B Annual domestic Pharmaceuticals market. With more than 15k Pharma SKUs maintained in a typical 100-150 sq. ft. space, a Pharmacy is one of the most complex retail businesses to run. Even the slightest inefficiencies lead to vast monetary losses. Sales lost due to untimely stockouts or expiration are a far too common sight. In fact, 25% of their business takes a hit due to the non-availability of drugs alone. There are total 1M+ Pharmacies in the country but the most operationally inefficient ones are your local mom and pop drugstores. Unfortunately, >90% of such stores are wary of using technology owing to higher capital cost, complex to use, language barrier, absence of support, increased manual effort, etc. The stiff competition from Chain stores, E-Pharmacies and introduction of GST have added to their woes. Our SaaS is everything they need to excel in Pharmacy business. We are aiming for significantly deeper Tech penetration in this space by staying true to our identity of 'Simplicity. Agility. Prosperity' through our Product.
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