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Cancer patients, survivors, and care takers, can check symptoms for yourself or your loved ones anywhere you are, without an appointment. Liyfe (pronounced Life) is an AI-powered oncology symptom checker that can help you 24/7, from the comfort of your home. Liyfe helps you and your loved ones check symptoms, assess symptom severities, understand the corresponding likelihood, and discover associated symptoms —day or night without an appointment. Whatever’s bothering you, from fatigue to rashes, Liyfe’s free symptom checker can help you find answers and let you know if you should see an oncologist. Liyfe was created by board-certified oncologists, including former Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center attending, and oncology-certified nurses. Our security was designed by former cyber security lead at AQR—one of the biggest hedge fund firms in the US—with the highest security standard. Our app is trustworthy, fast, secure, and available when and where you need it. How do free oncology symptom checks work? You answer simple personalized questions about your own or someone else’s symptoms. In oncology, we call this process triage pathways. Liyfe’s AI assesses your answers against its NCI (National Cancer Institute) symptom library, thousands of publications, and clinical protocols. You receive a personalized assessment report that tells you what could be wrong and what to do next. What can you expect from an assessment? - Data privacy and security—we take security seriously and apply the highest standard to protect you and keep your information safe. - Smart results—our core system connects oncology knowledge with intelligent technology. - Personalized health information—your guidance is personal to your unique health profile. - Symptom checks—your assessments include information that may be relevant and helpful to your doctor. You can share them with your oncologists. - 24/7 access—symptoms may occur anytime, anywhere. You can use the free symptom checker anytime, anywhere. What can you tell Liyfe? Here are some of the most common oncology symptoms: - Pain - Fatigue - Nausea - Vomiting - Rash - Difficulty swallowing - Shortness of breath - Weight loss Disclaimer The Liyfe App is a medical grade platform designed for clinical use that can help patients, survivors, and care takers. CAUTION: Liyfe cannot give you a medical diagnosis or advice. Contact emergency department immediately in an emergency. Liyfe does not replace your oncologists and nurses’ advice or an appointment with your oncologist. We want to hear from you. If you have any feedback or want to see additional features, reach us at . Download our app here
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