Liyfe Clinic is an Oncology Patient-Reported Outcome Platform for Symptom Tracking, Management, and Education. Patients can use our app-based solution to track symptoms, access personalized education resources and access oncology certified nurses 24/7. Clinical trials showed the benefits—higher survival rate, better quality of life, less ER visits and hospitalizations. Sherry is Co-founder and CTO of Liyfe. She began her career at AQR, top world quant fund, where she was an early engineer employee. During the 7 years in AQR, she built and led developing various core systems that touch all business lines, and grew with engineer teams from 30 people to 1000. She was born in Zhongguancun Beijing, China, the Chinese silicon valley, in which she developed great passion about technology. CEO and co-founder of Liyfe Clinic--the first cancer care telemedicine. 10+ years of clinical experience in Radiation Oncology as a medical physicist. Pioneer on surface imaging on left-sided breast cancer irradiation. 10+ years research background in machine learning. Trained at Harvard/Mass General Hospital and UC San Diego. Faculty positions at UNC-Chapel Hill, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Yale.
Location: United States, New Haven

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