Little Robot Friends

Little Robot Friends
Our mission is to empower kids to think creatively with technology. We started with a simple idea. How can we blur the line between toys and tools? Can we make a robot that encourages kids to customize not only how it looks and sounds, but how it works? And so we created the Little Robot Friends - a coding companion for curious minds. Our co-founders understand the expectations of busy parents raising kids in the smartphone generation. Meet Ann & Mark - the wife & husband duo behind Little Robot Friends. “In addition to us running a company together, we also run a family together! Together we’ve spent hours thinking of ways to encourage our child’s creativity and learning through play and exploration. Little Robot Friends is the result of that - a robot character that grows with kids.”
Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 416-238-2234
Total raised: $100K
Founded date: 2016

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