Lintellect is a social micro-learning app Lintellect is the social app where instructors, content creators and influencers will share their knowledge and expertise to their followers in an easy-to-create, easy-to-consume format, prioritizing videos of up to 5 minutes that the creator can share from their smartphone and the user will be able to watch from any place, at any moment and learn something new by dedicating just 5 minutes or less to watch one of the videos. Other multimedia formats like infographics, podcasts and video collections will complement the learning experience for the user, keeping it entertaining, easy and enjoyable, while the social feature of the app will allow them to have followers and groups of people with similar interests, interacting with the valuable and informative content shared through the network. At least by now, users won?t be able to post anything, and the feature will be exclusive for the validated creators.
Member count: 1-10