Linenshed is probably your best quality and most affordable provider of pure linen products. We have a complete line of home wear, linen beddings, and table linens to meet your needs. Made from flax plants grown in France and sewn with care in our own workshop, all our linen products are made to order and tailor made to fulfill your expectations of a perfectly fit item. Linen sheets and cloths are soft and gentle to the skin and can prevent skin disorders caused by fungal and bacterial infections. Moreover, flax fiber does not contain allergens that cause itchiness. Local weavers and dyers helped us rediscover this vintage look linen, which has been used since the ancient times. Prewashed linen does not fade, and the more often it is washed, the softer it becomes. Through research, we have rediscovered a vintage way of treating linen to enhance its beauty and texture. Experience comfort and elegance. Buy any of our Pure Linen Collections. Experience the gentlest touch on your skin as you put on our linen clothing or as you snuggle in bed covered with pure linen beddings. Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom or to your dining room with our linen shams, pillow cases, bed covers, table cloths, table runners, table placemats, and table napkins. www.linenshed.com www.linenshed.com.au (AUS/NZ) @linenshed
Location: China, Hong Kong
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