Lightship Works Inc.

Lightship Works Inc.
Lightship Works Inc. is a software company that has developed a platform to help organizations protect, manage, and inform their workers. Each of the modules – Works, Collect, and Maps – provides companies with the information they need to make decisions and the tools they need to take action in just a few clicks. Combined, these modules offer complete control over both real-time and historical information. Lightship Works provides a real-time, bird’s-eye view of an entire site, even in remote locations. Automated emergency response and lone-worker monitoring ensure that workers are safe, while Lightship’s instant mass and direct communication keep them informed. Sensor integration and reporting capabilities mean managers and employees stay informed, all the time. Using Lightship Collect, employees in the field can collect information digitally (even when they’re offline), and load it to the cloud when they reach a secure connection. Information gathered in Collect is displayed In Lightship Maps, a simple map interface where employees can use powerful custom reports to query and summarize based on location and/or any detail in their data. It’s our goal to help companies and teams achieve better oversight and accountability to get projects done faster, safer, and more efficiently. We believe technology has the power to save lives – a bold statement that we don’t take lightly. Lightship's team has come together for a common purpose: to build beautiful things that help companies save time, money, and the environment. KAMLOOPS, BC 348 Tranquille Road Kamloops, BC Canada V2B 3G6 WASHINGTON, DC 1399 New York Ave NW Suite 601 Washington, DC USA 20005
Location: Canada, British Columbia, Burnaby
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +1 866-802-4536

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