The Insurance That Cares About You (Asuransi yang peduli kamu) LifePal is the simple and affordable health and life insurance that cares and protect you. Simple means that our insurance products are simple to understand and transparent with no surprises or hidden clause. We want to be affordable to make sure every person can find the health and life coverage that is right for them. Finally, we really care about your and we will always protect you. We fight for you. In fact, our company was built to protect its customers and not its providers nor the insurance companies. Therefore, we will assign you a personal assistant to help you anytime and claims are now easy and fair. We bring the convenience typical of e-commerce into insurance with a service that is simple to understand, buy and use. This is achievable through standardized, cheap and targeted policies, combined with a state-of-the-art website and an Amazon-like customer experience. LifePal is available on every device, desktop and mobile!
Member count: 11-50