CONVERSATIONAL AI TO MAKE BUSINESS PERSONAL LIFEdata is a Conversational AI Engine that allows your product to: MAKE YOUR BUSINESS PERSONAL. AT SCALE. Each of your users is unique. Your product revolves around their actions and behavior. LIFEdata helps you tailor your product personally to each of them. ENGAGE AT THE BEST MOMENT. Learn user?s habits and preferences as they happen. Deliver offers or experiences when they are needed. Real-time knowledge enables a more personalized experience than even before. UNCOVER WHEN YOUR USERS WANT YOUR SERVICES MOST. We live in the age of distraction. Our world is full of noise that prevent your offers from reaching your users. React to what users do throughout the day to increase engagement. BUSINESS APPLICATIONS: ? DIGITAL HEALTH ? DIGITAL THERAPEUTICS ? PERSONALIZED NUTRITION ? MOBILE ENGAGEMENT ? RETAIL INSIGHTS ? INSURTECH ? CORPORATE WELLNESS ? WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR HEALTHY LIVING.
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