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Most of the people do not know in which discipline they are good at. This problem has also been intensified by the lack of knowledge about different disciplines and meager amount of seats in educational institutions. Moreover, parents often do not bother about their children’s choice; rather they try to impose a subject of their own choice on their children. As a result, most people even after graduation do not like what they are doing, lack efficiencies in the respective sectors. Thus the country is losing a dedicated workforce in every sector.

We strongly believe that guiding young people towards the right career, letting them believe that they surely have a choice, that there must be an underlying reason for them to be here, the most obvious time is the choice they make at undergraduate level. To that extent, we hope that the subject interviews shall help them making their own decisions. These words shall make them confident “Yes I do know what I’m going to study and what I will be in future”.

Life Carnival has brought a platform for all category students, especially admission seeking students at different colleges and universities where they will be able to ascertain the prospects and future of each subject. We believe that the true knowledge of each field can be obtained from those who are closely related to the respective field. To that extent, our respectable teachers and noted personalities have given us their thoughtful interviews describing precisely the ins and outs of the subjects.
Location: Bangladesh, Dhaka

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