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IoT and AI for Managing Materials By pre-checking the contents of receptacles, we eliminate costs for everyone in supply chain, particularly those with contamination and operations issues. Whereas fighting contamination is currently ineffective, costly, dangerous, and time-consuming, our devices allow analysis on a per bin basis at a fraction of the cost of a manual audit. Importantly, this increases data aggregation at the source, reveals efficiencies and validates sustainability goals. Our AI detects hazardous and chemical contamination to prevent fires, explosions, and even deaths that result from lithium-ion batteries, canisters, chemicals, and other hazardous materials from entering our waste and recycling streams. Our value at the source makes us unique, preserves raw materials, increases workplace safety, and gathers the data necessary to build a sustainable future. Municipalities are currently responsible for materials management services in parks, public spaces, and residential areas. In addition, they struggle to enforce compliance in the private sectors, which includes permitting, licensing, and regulating the materials management market. Currently, the government has no feasible and effective way of monitoring, enforcing, and accomplishing its duties. Further, institutions and commercial entities want to validate their sustainability goals, unlock hidden revenue streams, capture government incentives, and decrease their costs associated with materials management and disposal. Lastly, collection companies want pure, non-contaminated materials. Not knowing what they are picking up prior to collection causes the other recyclables in the truck to become contaminated , thus, the entire load must be sent to the landfill as it wouldn't be cost-efficient to sort out. In addition, contamination and hazardous materials in the streams create an unsafe workplace and increases the chance of an injury or death from a sharp object, fire, or explosion.
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