Automated Tournament Management High quality software for tournaments. First, mobile and web tools for the organizers where they can register and manage players and teams, generate calendars, live scoring, stats, pdf export. Second, mobile app for the players where they can check when, where and against who are they playing with. Own and opponents stats, victory odds, skill level at each played sport and many other features to engage them. Third, mobile app for referees where they know where they have to be, upload scores real time and report on match issues. All our apps are rates >4.6 Competitors from US with more than $10M funding have < 4.0 Winner of 2014 Entrepreneur XXI Award in Spain (most growth potential), selected by Google Launchpad program, selected by stcimmersion.com/#!spring-2015-batch/c7ty among the 8 companies from Spain with more potential in US and Global. Received $160K grant from European Commission for its growth potential. We have created tools with excellent design and features
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $50K