On-Demand Music Lessons Straight to Your Door & COVID-Safe Remote Lessons via SKYPE, ZOOM, FaceTime Lessns is a platform that matches students with America's best music instructors. Students can book instantly at preferred times and locations while learning from accomplished and highly skilled musicians from your community. Recording artists, studio musicians, college educated, and long-tenured teachers ? we've already done the work to find them and are bringing them straight to your door. Out of respect for the safety of our musicians and students, all private music lessons are taught remotely via SKYPE, ZOOM, or FaceTime, which allows you the freedom to take lessons from your home, apartment, back yard or any safe place away from physical human contact. 30 min lessons - $30 60 min lessons - $60 Or pay for a monthly subscription to our library of music lesson tutorials featuring all instruments, styles and genres. Learning music is made simple with Lessns! Contact The Lessns Team (310) 804-6331 or support@lessns.app
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