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What if we could take the search out of job search? This is the question
Lensa has been answering since launching in San Francisco, California in
August 2016. Using machine learning, we instantly provide companies with
candidates and match professionals with positions that fit their skills,
goals, personalities, and needs.
How does it work? Lensa applies complex algorithms that identify the
skills needed to succeed on a given job. Candidates can play computer
games that assess their work style, thus gaining insight into their strengths
while unlocking career opportunities.
The result: job search that puts people first while reducing the time and
cost of talent acquisition.

Lensa passed 10 million job seeker registrations in 2019, making the com-
pany one of the premier career platforms.

With teams in multiple U.S. locations and a 60-strong crew of developers
and data scientists at its R & D headquarters in Europe, Lensa is working
every day to share its transformative career technology with the world.
Website visits
6.8M /mo.
Location: Hungary, Central Hungary, Budapest
Employees: 51-200
Phone: +1 888-536-7263
Founded date: 2015

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